New Site Listed on Flippa; A lesson in outsourcing

I accomplished a major goal today. I stepped out of my comfort zone and flipped another site! The thing is I was able to outsource almost all the work.
Check it out:

I guess I am bit of a control freak. I want to have control over all apsects of the project, because in the back of my mind I have a tendency to think that no one will do as good a job as me even though I know that’s not really true.

In fact it is the opposite! When I attempt to do everything, I either get overwhelmed and give up or I do a half-baked job. In addition the projects at least twice as long.

No one can do everything. I’m pretty good at a lot of things in internet marketing. but I am starting to realize that I can’t do everything. I have to focus on the part of the job I do best. and let my team fill in the gaps.

Thats the key to success in Internet Marketing

To Your Success,
Michael Blaes

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Beware of I.M.’ers Bearing Gifts

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Upper Shelf Help? Some Gurus Don’t Get It

What is the deal with “A” List Internet marketers who have forgotten where they came from?

I just saw another video by Tellman Knudson called the Rebel Resistance, where he supposedly had a friend who was in desperate straits and had to come up with 10 thousand dollars in 3 days or he would lose everything.

With Tellman’s help, they apparently accomplished it. Great! I congratulate them for the accomplishment. Its quite a feat. But….

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